Who are Rinnovo and what do we do?

At Rinnovo we recognize the dramatic difference that a well-designed, and well-executed, interior can make to the success of your business. Our years of shop fitting experience, in all commercial sectors, enable the Rinnovo team to consistently create environments that work, for you and your customers.

In today’s competitive business market, the significance of an ideal and efficient space for running or trading can’t be overstated. Rinnovo is proud to partner with clients in various sectors such as hospitality, leisure, retailing and even office spaces and public projects.

At Rinnovo, we are known as a dependable and devoted contractor; this is why countless clients come to us with their designs. Alternatively, some customers prefer our full package that includes designing the project in addition to completion. We relish the variety and energy of commercial refurbishments here at Rinnovo and would love for you to inform us about your business’s upcoming plans!


Coffee shop fitting and other projects

At Rinnovo, we are the foremost experts in shop fitting for coffee shops. Our interiors and design projects embody creative innovation backed by our years of experience. We have worked with some of Britain’s top firms such as Costa, Marks & Spencers and Zara due to this expertise and dedication to quality service.

Working with big brands is always a thrilling experience as it’s an affirmation of the excellence of our work. In the end, since these reputable companies have access to just about anyone they want, yet decided on us—we must be doing something right! After you take a look at our projects and galleries, you’ll see that there’s no lack of quality here.

Our craftsmanship is second-to-none! Exceptional design is essential for shop fitting; space should be inviting, cohesive and thoughtfully considered to encourage spending, whether that’s time or money. An innovative atmosphere that instils a sense of calmness creates an environment where customers are more willing to part with their hard-earned money.

As well as huge brands, it is just as rewarding for us to work with local businesses as we are, to create a dream project and watch the business grow and become one of the big brands some day. The reasons why are that big brands are corporate and usually have their own style or specific design they are known for, leaving little room for imagination.

To do what we do every day you do have to be dreamers and try new things and be adventurous so that’s what smaller businesses allow us to be. It is always a collaborative effort and although we have plenty of ideas we are happy to work with yours.

Having the trust and support of these huge brands has allowed us to become one of the largest, but certainly the best coffee shop fit-out companies near London. So if you have a design project coming up and you would like our advice and assistance in bringing it to life then please get in touch.


What does a shop fit entail?

Outfitting a retail or service store with the necessary equipment and fixtures is known as shop fitting. Shop fitting applies to all types of businesses, from tiny corner stores to sprawling hypermarkets.

A shop fitter is a professional who specialises in the planning, designing, manufacturing and installation of furniture, signs and fittings for retail stores. They are experienced in interior design as well as the production of custom-made fixtures utilising self-sourced or outsourced facilities. Moreover, they can also source out retail equipment that meets your specific needs.

The process of shop fitting begins with a thorough survey and assessment of the space available, followed by designing plans for client approval. On the other hand, clients may have their very own drawings curated by an outside interior designer. The shop fitter is responsible for buying standard equipment and merchandise or creating custom-made furniture, delivering the items to their destination, and finally installing them until the store is prepared to open.

Every branch and type of shop has its own unique set of requirements. When it comes to fashion shops, the design must be up-to-date with the latest colour trends and styles in order to attract customers.

So if you are in need of our services here at Rinnovo, please don’t hesitate to get in touch by calling or using our simple and convenient form. One of our team will be delighted to go through any ideas you have and how you want your project brought to life. We look forward to hearing from you!